Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lollydoodle in March

Come on over and tell your story with photos.
We're using the Lollydoodle pack this month.
It'll give you a chance to tell a little bit about your "us".

If you go close in, you might be able to see the
aqua blue zipper lace. It's a standout embellishment!

See the top, right corner?
That's where you'll use the iddy biddy letters
to describe the details of who's in your layout.
Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We Got "Frosted" in February

Bring your snow pics!
There are 11 spots for frosty shots.
(But, of course, you can journal in some 
if you don't have that many photos.)

Remember, anyone who returns with a previous project 
and has put their photos in will get a fun prize.

Our paper packs make everything so easy to coordinate.
We used a little bit of ink for shading in the hills.  
Can you see it?  
And we also used glitter letters and 
fun rhinestones for snow flurries.
We meet at my home near Red Rock (in Las Vegas, NV) every 2nd Friday of the month for some casual scrapbooking. If you're a planner, we order the supplies the month before. If you're someone who just wants to come and hang out with us while you make a project, that's okay too. You can bring your stuff along or make yourself at home with stuff in my studio - I'll always have a project on display if you're looking for inspiration. Wanna see the catalog or go shopping? Visit my website: