Saturday, November 9, 2013

Here's our next layout, scrappers!  See the bottom right corner?  When you untie the square, it unfolds like the old fashioned wallet photos so you can include more pictures or journaling.  Who's in?

Stop sometime during the Thanksgiving feast and take some photos.  Oh, and get in front of the camera at least once.  You'll thank me ten years from now...  you know you will. 

Join us the second Friday of the month.  This project will be done on December 13 at my home.  

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  1. Erica (and my other friends who had to miss), I've included some embroidery floss for that line of stitching that goes across the middle. I also put in a cricut cut out for you to use as a stencil for the center so you'll have the right dimensions. (We edged that with ink, BTW.) And last, since we stamped that cool subway text on the pop out, I included that part for you ~ but you have to cut it to fit. The entire text is much bigger; you get to decide which part to mount on your pop out.