Friday, December 6, 2013

Okay, so my sweet husband took this picture and
strongly suggested that I share an idea I'm using this year.  

These fun mugs are filled with bath salts and a scrubbie 
but they're disguised as a frothy winter drink.  
There's a razor hiding in there to simulate a straw 
and a yummy looking cookie sits on top.
But don't be fooled: that cookie is not for your tummy;
 it's an ornament for the tree.
You can use cinnamon and glue to make dough and roll out 
just as if you were making sugar cookies.
Use your favorite cookie cutters and embellish as you like.
You can add "candies" that are really beads and buttons.
They'll smell good for years to come.  And they make great gifts.
These particular ones are going to the amazing ladies who help run the office at school.  

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