Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowhaven Paperpack & Complements

Here is our January project for our 
monthly scrap night at my house.

Maybe you'll use it for your Christmas pictures.
Maybe you had some big adventures in the snow.
Maybe you'll plan to highlight how you snuggle 
during this cold weather.

Whatever you put in it, it'll look great.
I know; there are tons of spots for pictures.  
But who says every spot needs a picture?
Some spots can use journaling, 
anecdotes or just the date & place.

So don't let yourself get overwhelmed by 
14 - yes, fourteen - spots for pics.  
You can use them for all the great photos 
you took of the holiday season.  
(If you're one of those girls, 
I admire you but am not in your league.) 
Or you can just write little snippets and 
admire your beautiful layout with 
just a couple photos you remembered to take.
(That's if you're like me and always forget to 
grab your camera during the festivities.)

scrapbooker, schmackbooker
shame, shame on me


     Here's the paper pack with                                     The matching embellishments.
     12 pieces of paper for $9.95                                  They're thick & sturdy for $4.95
(6 cardstock and 6 background & texture)        

You can shop right from this blog by clicking on the "SHOP" spot up above.  Type in Snowhaven in the search window. Or you can place an order with me, but try to do it with plenty of time for it to arrive in time for our gathering ~ a week normally is a good gauge. But two weeks is even better. 

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